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DOUG Discovery

Our entire product catalogue can be accessed on our new DOUG Discovery Web platform.

DOUG Discovery is a simple to use tool with powerful search capabilities, allowing you to find compounds with specific functional handles and chemical parameters in just a few clicks. Results are returned instantly, displayed in a simple to digest manner and can be purchased directly from Fluorochem within the platform.

We are continually adding concepts to DOUG Discovery to allow rapid querying of compounds based on specific types of research themes in chemistry and chemical biology.

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500,000 Commercially available products on Doug Discovery platform

The core of Fluorochem’s services has historically been to provide a high quality, large volume catalogue of research intermediates and building blocks, spanning areas covering organic, inorganic, medicinal and synthetic chemistry.

This compound library now boasts over 500,000 products, easily searchable on our Doug Discovery web platform. To make searching easier and reduce the time chemists spend looking for compounds, we’ve introduced the Concept Search within Doug Discovery. The Concept Searches save the chemists time by predefining the molecules they could be looking for.

To avoid the need to manage or host our compound database, we can provide an integration service. This totally eliminates the need to host 500k products within your manufacturing ERP and can create products and purchase orders from the Doug Discovery checkout straight to your ERP platform.

Scale up

Scale up from MG to multi KG:

building blocks, reference compounds, intermediates, chemical reagents, impurities

Scale Up

Custom synthesis: now available FFS & FTE

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) – Ideal for challenging or research-intensive chemistry projects >

> Professional synthesis team to ensure efficient output
> Team Leaders with overseas education background and years of synthetic experience
> Highly-efficient team with 10+ years’ experience
> Close customer communication and PM

Speedy delivery:

From the UK and EU Warehouses

> Next day delivery from stock, to our UK customers.
> Now offering in stock items from our EU warehouse within 2-3 days.

We are continuously increasing stock both in the UK and in the EU to offer a much faster service.


GMP facilities available

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